Green Apple School Program - A Metro Initiative

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Green Apple School Program: 10 years, $15 million

As a food distributor, Metro has always seen food as much more than just a source of nourishment.

That’s why the Green Apple School Program aims to encourage young people to develop healthy eating habits by participating in a project proposed by their school that will have a positive impact on their home, school or community.

One of its missions is to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Encourage their consumption without moderation contributes indeed to lowering the risk of illness and obesity, which have become major public health issues in Canada. With this program, Metro hopes to show young people that it’s simple, enjoyable and tasty to eat well, and encourage them to develop healthy lifestyles as soon as possible, which will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Since the launch of the Green Apple School Program, the effects are many: hundreds of school gardens and healthy recipes cookbooks, thousands of culinary discoveries and workshops, and of course, hours of fun and learning!

The Green Apple School Program Generation

The first three years of the program, launched in September 2009, has enabled thousands of children from across Quebec and Ontario to become involved in their schools and make a difference in their community with respect to the environment. Since 2012, the $1,000 grants were donated to beneficiary schools to achieve projects promoting healthy eating. In 10 years, $14.8 million have been given to elementary and secondary schools in both provinces.

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