Green Apple School Program - A Metro Initiative

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  • Project Leader: Dawn Campbell
  • School Principal: Deborah Dixon
  • Number of students 13
  • School Beurling Academy 6100 Champlain, Montreal
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The Healthy Idea

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The project:

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How we'll spend the $1,000 grant:

The overall goal for my cooking program is for students to learn the basic life skills that cooking has to offer! I will also be encouraging the students to be open to trying new things, by tasting the flavors of different culture’s cuisine. I would like to focus on improving their diets, by educating them with the benefits of eating healthier. They will learn the importance of eating all the colors of the rainbow (fruits and vegetables) every week. Many of my families come from low-income families where time and money is not readily available. It would be great if the students could bring home the knowledge from what they are learning in class, by slowly integrating the health benefits and good eating habits into their own homes.

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