Green Apple School Program - A Metro Initiative

PETES' Greens, Beans, and Tangerines

  • Project Leader: Jake Ahern-Davy
  • School Principal: David McFall
  • Number of students 500
  • School Pierre Elliot Trudeau Elementary School 2 Millar Street, Gatineau
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The Healthy Idea

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The project:

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How we'll spend the $1,000 grant:

In the past, our school has run a "Mini-Chef" program, which allowed students in our elementary school to help the school chef, Joy, create healthy, new, and exciting recipes that became part of the weekly lunchtime meal schedule. Students were able to incorporate math skills, communication skills, and knowledge of various ingredients into their preparation. This year, due to the pandemic and restrictions around safety, this program isn't able to run as it normally would. We want to provide our students with other opportunities to learn about fruits and vegetables, enjoy healthy snacks, and gain valuable experiential learning opportunities through the planting of a school/community garden. This is in line with our school vision of shifting more learning opportunities outdoors, all with the safety of our children and staff in mind! The money will go towards educating our students on fruits and vegetables, ensuring they have proper access to healthy snacks, and building a garden.

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How did you hear about us?

Other schools in our board (Western Quebec School Board) have received the grant

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