Green Apple School Program - A Metro Initiative

WOTP Nutrition

  • Project Leader: Ormilla Seecharran
  • School Principal: Kathleen O'Reilly
  • Number of students 15
  • School Macdonald High School 17, avenue Maple, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue
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The Healthy Idea

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The project:

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How we'll spend the $1,000 grant:

The WOTP program at our school has the students preparing for good and healthy life choices. We will be looking at awareness and ways to make fruits and vegetables appealing to eat. We will be doing classes on nutrition that will link to cooking classes where we will explore different recipes for fruits and vegetables. We also want the students to grow their own vegetable plants (their specific choice) in a pot with soil (which they then can transplant into their own home gardens) while also growing the same plant in a hydroponic garden to see if there is a difference in taste growth and taste. We will be spending the money on ingredients for food items, for soil and pots for planting individual plants and equipment for hydroponic plants.

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How did you hear about us?

From a teacher at another school.

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