Green Apple School Program - A Metro Initiative

Eat the Alphabet

  • Project Leader: Ms Nancy Omobono
  • School Principal: Ms. Sonia Marotta
  • Number of students 32
  • School HONORE MERCIER SCHOOL 8280 nantes, montreal
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The Healthy Idea

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The project:

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How we'll spend the $1,000 grant:

Using the alphabet (a is for apple, b is for bananas,…) we will discover and taste different fruits and vegetables. This will encourage students to eat fresh fruits and vegetables for Snack time in class. We will set up a corner display where children will be motivated to try the fruit/vegetable of the week and go through the alphabet. We will encourage children to wash the fruit/vegetable. Each child will be provided with a place mat as well and paper and markers to create an alphabet book as well. Once we reach Zz, we will have our own alphabet book of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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